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HQC (SH) achieved GB/ T 19001-1994 National Quality Management System   certification in October 1997 and achieved GB/ T 19001-2008 National

Quality Management System certification in October 2009 .
公司于1997年10月按照GB/ T 19001-1994标准,取得了国家质量管理体系认证证书。2009年10月按照GB/ T 19001-2008标准取得了2008版新版国家质量管理体系认证证书。

HQC (SH) established National Occupational Health,Safety and
Environmental Management System (HSE) and acquired GB/T28001-2001 and GB/ T24001-2004 certification in September 2007.In October 2012,HQC(SH) updated the HSE system in accordance with GB/T28001-2011.

HQC (SH) continuously improves QHSE system over the past years, and has compiled 271 Quality Management System documents and 67 HSE Management System documents. The perfection and updating of system documents are persistently conducted.

By strengthening QHSE management supervision, the overall implementation of QHSE management policies are proceeded in terms of resource allocation, management and control model, and system implementation, etc. Since the certification of QHSE system, no significant quality accident occurred, and the loss rate of safe man-hour always remains below 0.4‰.

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